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  • Monika

    “Dr. Tindall and his AMAZING staff have been helping a dream of mine come true—to have a healthy smile I'm very proud to use. After nearly two years as a Tindall Orthodontics ‘kid,’ I have been surrounded by hope, enthusiasm, fun, and a strong passion to deliver quality care from everyone I've met at T.O. They have treated me so well! Thanks, gang! You've made a huge difference in my life!”

  • Gigi

    Dr. Tindall, you are the best. Thank you for your continuing generosity to the students in Manhattan, Kansas. I cannot thank you enough. Your kindness is rare. Thank you again!”

  • Julie

    “Awesome experience! My son just got his braces off and is so excited about his new smile!! Thank you to all the staff at Tindall Orthodontics! You made the whole ‘wearing braces’ experience much more bearable for a teenager!”

  • Kelly

    “Highly recommend Dr. Tindall; both my kids just love going to see him and his crazy personality! Sure wish there was a doctor like that when I had braces! The staff he has is awesome, super sweet, and gentle! Love this place!”

  • Jennifer

    “I feel comfortable coming into the office and I look forward to my appointments. The staff are amazing and it is an overall wonderful experience."

  • Eric

    “You guys are very committed to making it easy for your patients in all aspects. Thoroughly impressed.”

  • Joyce

    “Dr. Tindall is wonderfully involved with his patients. He is very caring no matter what is going on and never seems too busy for anyone.”

  • Amanda

    “I walked in thinking the office was great; walked out KNOWING the office was great.”

  • Claire

    “You do such a wonderful job—my kids LIKE to go to their appointments!”

  • Candina

    “Dr. Tindall has been seeing Abby for a few years now as she has a bit of a unique case. He has gone above and beyond, coordinating with her regular dentist to give her the best possible treatment. He and his staff are amazing, kind, and so friendly. I would recommend Tindall to anyone in need!”

  • Marisol

    Dr. Tindall has treated my three daughters and they have beautiful smiles! It is now time to work on my son and I am positive it will be nothing short of a wonderful experience. Dr. Tindall and his entire staff are friendly, kind, helpful, and just outright caring people. Thank you!”

  • Amy

    “I really enjoyed my experience. The staff was extremely helpful and welcoming!”

  • Kasey

    “I really enjoyed visiting this office. The kids thought it was the coolest thing. They had a game room to keep them occupied, and the staff were so nice it was almost scary! I think I'm more excited about the next visit than my girls.”

  • Courtney

    I love Dr. Tindall and his staff. They made me feel comfortable, and will work with my payment plan to fit my needs. Glad he made me feel welcome. Very great experience. I will always recommend them to family and friends and anyone else!”

  • Carrie

    “Dr. Tindall is awesome! I have so much fun at my appointments!”

  • Mary

    “The office is very inviting, I enjoy a cup of coffee and my kids have fun watching a movie or playing games before their appointments. It's hard to get them to leave!”

  • Charlotte

    “All of the staff members and Dr. Tindall are great. I recommend Tindall Orthodontics to everyone I know!”

  • Spencer

    “I get to watch a movie in the theater before my appointment and in the chair while they work on my braces. It's cool!”

  • Rose

    “I appreciate the time Dr. Tindall takes to discuss my child's care with me.”

  • Krista

    “I love my smile! Thank you Dr. Tindall!”

  • Courtney

    “I had a wonderful experience today with Dr. Tindall. He was so caring and had great information. I loved how he left me a follow-up voicemail! So glad to have him as my orthodontist. A+++ staff. It was wonderful. Thank you!!!!!”